Tappy Endings

Cheese Cake
Our Cheese Cake Supreme will become a favorite after your first taste. Our take on a New York Classic is rich, creamy, thick and moist. Garnished with a fresh-picked strawberry and a fresh raspberry sauce. 5.79

Madagascar Fudge Nut Brownie
Not your average brownie. A chocolate lover’s dream, this sensational brownie is rich, moist, satisfying and indulgent. Served with a generous scoop of French Vanilla ice cream and a chocolate Kahlua sauce. 5.99

Creme Brûlée
This creamy custard explosion tantalizes the taste buds with our own take on a French classic dessert. With a bottom line of chocolate ganache, this after dinner experience is truly delicious. 5.79

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake
Rich, moist chocolate cake with a raspberry butter cream filling topped with delectable dark chocolate ganache. 5.99

Apple Cobbler
An American Classic, served with a generous scoop of flavorful French Vanilla ice cream and delectable caramel walnut topping. Exploding with flavor, it’s a fine finale to a wonderful meal. 5.99

Chocolate Divine
Rich chocolate cake with a lusciously melted soft chocolate center. Paired with chocolate, fresh raspberry and caramel dipping sauces. A guaranteed happy ending. 6.29

Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Coffee
Finish off the night with a perfect blend of Jameson Irish Whiskey, our House Made Irish Cream, and rich cof-fee. Topped with fresh whipped cream and creme de menth.

House Made Irish Cream
Mac’s great, great, great grandfather’s secret recipe. Served on ice, in a snifter.

After Dinner Drinks

Grand Marnier
Godiva Chocolate Liquor
Peel Limoncello
Molinari Sambuca
Romano Black Sambuca
Romano White Sambuca
Harvey’s Bristol Cream
Patron Café
Patron Anejo
Johnny Walker Black n Red
Glenlivet (12 year)
Glennfidich (12 year)
Laqavulin (16 year)
Macallan (12 year)
Jameson (12 year)
Bushmills Black Bush
Bushmills Irish Whiskey