The Loyalty Program

At Wood-n-Tap, we want to say thank you by giving back to our loyal guests through our rewards program. By joining, you will earn points which turn into rewards for every time you dine at one of our restaurants. We know you have many choices of where to go out to eat, and we would like to enhance your experience and value by choosing to dine with us!

If you have any questions about the Wood-n-Tap Loyalty Program, please contact!

Tap Into the Tap App for instant rewards!

The BEST way to start earning those rewards and tracking them right away! Get $5 off your next order when you first download the app and sign up for the all new Rewards program through the Tap App.


For all of our current Tap Card members with a Physical Card...

Check Tap Card Balance

Frequently Asked Questions about the Tap App and Original Tap Card program:

Q: Can my current Tap Card be merged with the Tap App loyalty program?
No, these two programs are separate.

Q: Can I transfer my points from my Tap Card to the Tap App and vice versa?
No, you cannot transfer points between the two programs.

Q: Can I still use my Tap Card if I do not wish to sign up through the Tap App?
Yes, you will still have the ability to use the Tap Card if you wish.

Q: Are there any plans to discontinue the original Tap Card program?
Moving forward all new loyalty members will be signed up directly through the Tap App. We will no longer be signing up new loyalty members with a physical Tap Card. For all current Tap Card holders there is no plan in place to discontinue your cards at this time. You will still be able to use them.

Q: Can I keep my Tap Card but also sign up through the Tap App?
Yes, we encourage all current Tap Card holders to convert to the Tap App. However, you will only be able to add points or redeem points on one of those cards when you visit. We will not be able to take off multiple rewards from each account or add points to multiple accounts at once. You can choose one to use on your visit.

Q: Can I still check the balance of my physical Tap Card through the website?
Yes, you can still check your rewards through the website by visiting

Q: Can I check my physical Tap Card balance in the app?
No, you cannot check your Tap Card balance in the app. The app will only show rewards and points for loyalty members who have signed up directly through the app.

Q: If I place an order through the Tap App can I add my Tap Card loyalty information?
No, when you order through the Tap App it will only add points directly to your Tap App loyalty account.

Q: Are the rewards the same in the Tap app?
Mostly, yes! You will still need 250 points to reach $10 in rewards and you will still receive a free birthday appetizer. You will also receive $5 off your first order when you download the Tap App. The anniversary dessert reward will be removed from the Tap App however you will still receive this with the physical Tap Card.

Q: Can I accumulate reward dollars in the Tap App?
No. Once a reward is achieved it will automatically get deducted from your check on your next visit.