Glass (G) 6oz | Quartino (Q) 9oz | Bottle (B) 750mL

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Sparkling and Rosé

Prosecco, Bosa, Veneto, Italy

Intense ripe citrus, green apple and grapefruit offer a light, crisp palate. 8.25/G 11.25/Q 29/B

Moscato, Parolvini, Veneto, Italy

Ripe stone fruit, tangerine and honey with bright floral aromas. 8.25/G 11.25/Q 29/B

Rosé, Charles & Charles, Columbia Calley, WA

Exquisite aroma and silky texture extend fruit notes of strawberry and cherry. 8.25/G 11.25/Q 29/B

White Zinfandel, Beringer, Napa Valley, CA

Bursting fresh, vine-ripened fruit open to a clean, crisp finish. 6.75/G 9.25/Q 25/B